World Peace is Possible

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      The Source of Division, War, and Hate’      

The majority of the world has had its birthright  stolen. Our birthright is the guarantee (in a future  restored world) that everyone and anyone born on this earth is given his own land, by which he (or she) should acquire through his own labor (not other people’s labor, see Isaiah 65.22&23) water, food (Isaiah 2.4), and shelter, having unrestricted access to certain natural resources around him. In other words, if you are born on earth, then you are entitled to some small piece of that earth. Without this birthright we - for many thousands of years - have been born into, and are consequently living our entire lives in slavery. That is, if - due to the extreme wage inequality of our current world - we (again, the majority) spend our entire lives working to pay for land, water, food, and shelter, then (through monetary debt) we are slaves to employer, job, institution, king, landlord, or some type of normalized slave owner; with the understanding that ‘the downfall of man’ (i.e., the fall of man) is his blind ambition to rule over (i.e., supremacy) and enslave another man, whether spiritually, emotionally, monetarily, mentally, or physically. Note here that the world has yet to understand this as truly being ‘the fall of man’ and the source or cause of just about every offense that man commits. Therefore, if the majority of the world (not yet  fully cognizant of it) has had its birthright stolen by ‘men who claim that it is right and just for them to rule over and enslave the multitudes’, then the majority of the world is living in complacent  slavery and bondage, many times normalized by the disguise of a free nation; knowing that many greedy men in our own age have secretly (through law) defined and redefined  capitalism (and even socialism and communism) as permission from the government to systematically steal people’s birthright for themselves. And so ultimately, if the majority of the world is secretly enslaved in complacent, normalized bondage (realizing that our institutions and leaders, being the slave owners, are too blind to see it as this), then there can never be true world peace, as no true freedom  = no true peace.

Here we should not be deceived by slave owners disguised as benevolent overlords. They will always say ‘We don’t hate, we love’ and ‘Love, love, peace, peace’. While it is true that they do love their slaves (Who else would serve them? ), this hidden enslavement (disguised as loving and helping) is simply well disguised hate by slave owners, who - just like Pharaoh and the Israelites - will neverlet their slaves go free (see also Jeremiah 34.11), consequently perpetuating our inability to achieve true peace; noting that literally letting people go free is ‘the key to entering the kingdom of God, and what Jesus means by binding and loosing in Matthew 16.19. As Isaiah 58.6 says ‘God is calling for a fast from feeding on and exploiting people’s labor, to loose the bonds of wickedness, undo the heavy burdens, and let the oppressed go free.’ Also, just because there may at times be a lack of violence, this does not mean that people have inner peace, they are just institutionalized slaves who know of no other world… spiritually, emotionally, monetarily, etc. oppressed and worn out by their slave owners, eventually beaten (at least mentally) into submission. But, there is another world to come; a new world that will be created upon the return of Jesus, where everyone’s birthright will literally be restored (see Acts 3.19-21 about ‘times of refreshing and ‘the restoration of all things’) so that we may be truly  free, finally realizing true  peace. This, our birthright to inherit some small piece of land and live in peace, is exactly and literally what is meant by A)‘The meek (or truly humble) shall inherit the earth and delight in the abundance of peace(Matthew 5.5 and Psalm 37.11), and B)‘The last (i.e., truly humbled) will be first in the regeneration of man, inheriting  land, family, and eternal life’ (Matthew 19.28-30).

Many people think that Jesus spoke mainly about a new  heavenly  world and spiritual freedom, which was sort of esoteric and hard for us to grasp in the physical, tangible realm. But what many don’t know is that Jesus was speaking a real literal message about a real literal kingdom that was to come upon His return… a new world (in terms of different  institutions and governments, not  different plants, animals, land, etc.) very different than ‘the world we have been raised into’, where equality (in terms of everyone receiving their birthright) is a reality, not just a meaningless word that our slave owners use to make us feel warm and fuzzy, thereby keeping resistance and revolution in check. And in terms of true  equality - which is the precursor to freedom and peace - we must realize that we have created a normalized slave and master society’  through extreme wage imbalances, where one man labors all year to earn what another man makes in one week. So the only way to correct this wage inequality or wage imbalance is for labor (whether it be a doctor’s labor or a carpenter’s labor) to be based onthe currency of time, where one man’s hour is roughly equal to another man’s hour; provided both are proficient in their work. These two core ideals - A) everyone receiving their birthright, and B) balanced wages - are the foundations of true equality in our world, which ultimately builds true freedom, then true world peace. And it is this world peace that is to come in a new world that is run by a new King; literally, physically, and tangibly, not just in an unseen realm, or just in some afterlife that our human minds cannot really comprehend. As Isaiah 9.6&7 says of Jesus’ kingdom (i.e., the kingdom of God), ‘The government will be upon His shoulder. His name will be called Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government  and peace there will be no end. He shall order and establish His kingdom with (righteous) judgment and justice.’

To begin to realize this new kingdom of equality, freedom, and peace, we must first realize who Jesus is and what He really stood for… and if you think that it is religion or Christianity as we know it’, then you couldn’t be more wrong. To understand how this is possible, remember that Jesus Himself says ‘The entire world (even the elect) will be deceived by false prophets who speak His name’ (Matthew 24.5, 11, and 24); realizing here that false prophets can be any of our leaders, not just those specifically affiliated with a religion or God. Although our pride will not allow us to believe that even we (thinking we are the elect) have been deceived, the truth is that, when the world as a whole has been deceived (Revelation 12.9), and that deception is so  normal, then we can’t help but be deceived, being born blind into normalized slavery (whether slave or slave master) in our own time in history. Therefore, if we humble ourselves by simply saying Maybe I don’t know (realizing all of these events happened 2000 years ago, and you never really knew or conversed with people in the Bible), then ‘The real truth of who Jesus was and is will set us free(John 8.32) so that we may live in peace and true happiness. Note here that in John 8.32 you will realize that ‘It is us being told the truth that sets us free’, NOT ‘Us telling the truth’, as our religious leaders have wrongly asserted to keep people in a perpetual state of guilt, confessing to them our pettiness and non-sins, while it is our religious leaders who have caused (see Matthew 18.6), and so are blindly  guilty of ‘the macro level, large scale  division, war, and hate of our world’; which is what Jesus was concerned with, not the pettiness that we have wrongly (thanks to our blind religious leaders) come to believe about Jesus, again not really knowing who Jesus was.

Now many will say at this point,How is it possible for our trusted religious leaders to be the cause of macro level, large-scale division, war, and hate?’ But this is the entire essence of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. To explain, we must first understand that religious leaders are the true rulers (or hidden kings) of our world, influencing the minds and consciences of elected officials and kings alike, so that elected officials and kings are, from the time of childhood, unknowing parrots of our religious leaders: who we believe‘speak for God’. But we must remember that Jesus told us 2000 years ago that ‘Many false prophets  claiming to speak for Jesus and God will deceive the entire world’ (Matthew 24.5, 11, and 24). Think about it. The only way for the entire world to be deceived is if they don’t think they are deceived, truly believing - because of a false prophet’s false affiliation with Jesus and God - that they (or their people as a whole) are doing God’s will. But the world as a whole is not doing the will of God, concerned (due to our false prophets’ gross misinterpretations of the Bible) with the pettiness of ‘drinking, drugs, sex, and gambling’, while overlooking the true offense of ‘one man’s lust to rule over and enslave another man’ (i.e., ‘the fall of man’). In other words, ‘we are straining the gnat while swallowing the camel in terms of what is true sin. This (again really not knowing who Jesus was) is the lust and fornication that Jesus spoke (in code) about in Matthew 5.28 & 32, where Jesus is ‘the figurative, macro level Bridegroom’, we are ‘the figurative, macro level bride’, and false prophets (including religious leaders, elected officials, and kings) are ‘the figurative  false husbands or false bridegrooms who want to figuratively  ‘get in bed with us’, lusting after us, the multitudes, to rule over and enslave  us; meaning this figurative fornication and adultery’ actually has nothing to do with literal sex. Think about it, if we all know and understand that Jesus is ‘the figurative, macro level Bridegroom’ - knowing that we are not going to literally and individually marry Jesus when He returns - does it not follow that ‘fornication and adultery’ is also on a figurative, macro level (see Jeremiah 3.14, among many other Old Testament references) that is not at all referring to individual level fornication and adultery’ ? And if you still don’t believe this, then consider times like ‘Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees’ (Matthew 16.6) and ‘Our friend Lazarus sleeps(John 11.11), where on both occasions Jesus’ own Apostles, knowing Him in the flesh, thought Jesus was speaking literally about bread and sleep, while He in fact was speaking figuratively about supremacy and death. Therefore, in a macro long-term sense, if, for generation after generation, 'false prophets and the leaders they influence' rule over, exploit, oppress, and enslave people (whether spiritually or physically), then false prophets will systematically (maybe even after they are dead and gone) create disgruntled, angry, backbiting, malicious, violent people who are more likely to commit physical offenses (i.e., division, war, and hate), all while appearing - say in history books or in the news - as noble and virtuous, thereby being ‘the unseen, unrecognized  cause of offenses’ or ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’. Or, in one breath, the wolf in sheep’s clothing is so hard for us to identify because they cause (with their words) physical offenses, they don’t actually commit  physical offenses; or they are never seen, just like the religious leaders of Jesus’ day, with blood on their hands. This - being one of the most understated ideas in the entire Bible - is why Jesus, in Matthew 18.7, cursed ‘those (blind leaders) who cause the offenses of the world’, leading the unknowing  multitudes astray while appearing  noble and honorable (see Luke 6.26). And again why He cursed the religious leaders in Luke 11.44, figuratively comparing them tograves that are not seen, so that unknowing  multitudes fall to their spiritual and physical death, unaware of who the grave even was’, just as they follow the wolf, unaware of who the wolf even is’. It should also be added here that many are adept at spotting the wolf in wolf’s clothing, but not  ‘the wolf in sheep’s clothing’, as ‘the wolf in sheep’s clothing’  speaks flattering words  (see Proverbs 26.25) and seemingly harmless blessings  (i.e., blessings that justify in people’s minds continued exploitation, oppression, and enslavement), thereby appearing  noble and honorable (see Matthew 15.8). But we must remember that a flattering mouth works ruin  (Proverbs 26.28), and seemingly harmless blessings  cause the destruction of innocent people, just as ‘the blessing’ of Micah’s false prophet in Judges 18.6, 10, & 27  caused the destruction of the peaceful people of Laish.

Using our common sense we must consider that, if Jesus were to return today, for Him to be friends with our religious leaders would be like saying  ‘Jesus was best buddies with the Scribes, Pharisees, and Chief Priests’… which makes absolutely no sense and is a total contradictory statement. So we must come to the sobering reality that our religious leaders are blindly  friends (because he offers them power, control, and authority) with Satan disguised as Jesus - the Wolf in Lamb’s clothing- thereby meaning that they too are ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’, and not at all friends with Jesus. And so just as it was 2000 years ago, it remains the same in our own time, that today’s‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’, just like the Scribes, Pharisees, and Chief Priests of Jesus’ day, are our religious leaders (or hidden kings), using the Lamb’s name‘day in and day out’ in reverent blasphemy (making us think they know Jesus personally), so that we cannot see them as 'the wolves they really are’ ; as our religious leaders are responsible for (i.e., they cause with their words) much of the macro level  ‘division, war, and hate’ of this world. This is why Jesus said ‘When I return, I will say to those  speaking My name, casting out demons in My name, and performing wonders in My name, that I don’t know you, get away from Me, you who are responsible for lawlessness’' (Matthew 7.21-23). Or quite simply, Jesus will say to the religious leaders ‘You are not My friends.

So if Jesus, upon His return, will tell our religious leaders that ‘He does not know them’, then our religious leaders (or false prophets) don’t really know who Jesus was or is (not very different than 2000 years ago, as per John 1.10&26), and consequently, we don’t know who Jesus was or is… hence, our need for the apocalypse. The apocalypse is a revealing of hidden or coded knowledge and information; which is essentially a revealing (see Luke 17.30) of who Jesus actually is. This means the apocalypse - easily greater than the scale of ‘The world is round, not flat - is ‘the world finding out (in a good way) that Jesus is not who they thought He was; which is similar to 2000 years ago, as they thought the Messiah would be very different than who He actually was. It is quite a humbling experience (especially for men with PhD’s in theology) to find out that such simple language spoken by Jesus 2000 years ago is yet to be interpreted. But that has been God’s plan all along, so that ‘Jesus’ words would not pass away’ (Matthew 24.35) or be destroyed. If this is hard to imagine, then put yourself in God’s position. If you, fighting a war that involves the fate of the entire world, had a battle plan, would you hand it over to the enemy? Or would you write it in code or encrypt it (as we have seen done in so many wars, such as World War II) so that the enemy does not know what you are going to do? Or better yet, write it so the enemy believes  ‘they have it all figured out, only to find out that it doesn’t mean at all what they thought it meant; which is what God has done. Therefore - only to be revealed at the ‘future time’ of the apocalypse - Jesus spoke everything in parable or coded language(Mark 4.34) in order to hide information or knowledge from those who would destroy it… namely the religious leaders. And unfortunately our religious leaders (both past and present) have believed that God’s battle plan favors them (thereby unwittingly preserving Jesus’ words for their own kingship), while in truth, due to ‘their lust to rule over and enslave mankind’, it actually opposes them.

So now we must think, for the last 2000 years our religious leaders (i.e., the unknowing descendants of the Scribes, Pharisees, Chief Priests, etc.) have been interpreting, for the multitudes, coded language. Yet, being encrypted, this coded language is something they can’t possibly decode, as our religious leaders (both past and present of the last 2000 years) arethe very people that Jesus was hiding information from ; i.e., ‘God has hidden these things from the supposedly wise and supposedly prudent(Matthew 11.25). Consequently, the world as we know it has been built, byblind leaders of the blind’, around a 'fictitious Jesusthat has been based on gross biblical misinterpretations; knowing that this ‘fictitious Jesus’ has been fabricated by the minds of men (i.e., our religious forefathers) who have lusted after the control and power over peoples and nations (which is ‘the fall of man’) that comes from association with the name of Christ’. And so just think of the worldwide (macro level) ramifications of chaos and unexplained desolation  if we have the meanings of Jesus’ parables completely backwards, believing in and teaching many generations of people a ‘fictitious Jesus’. But that is what we have right now in today’s world: seemingly unexplainable  ‘division, war, and hate’ because the world has never known  A) the real Jesus and the true meanings of His words and parables, or B) that our religious practices are in total defiance to Christ’s true intentions (i.e.,kindness and mercy, not religionas per Matthew 9.13), blindly believing that our religious practices are actually honoring Christ (remembering again that the real Jesus was directly opposed to the religious leaders). Therefore, as impossible as it may sound at first, this website reveals  the true meanings of Christ’s coded words and parables which have been hidden from our eyes for 2000 years, with these true meanings being our key to ending the seemingly unexplainable  ‘division, war, and hate’ of this world, bringing about true equality, freedom, and ultimately world peace. Again, if this sounds too impossible to believe, then see for yourself, as the proof is only one click away.